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The mission of Gladwin Heights United Church, an inclusive and dynamic community of the United Church of Canada, is to grow spiritually and proclaim Christian Faith through worship and service.




Seeking Justice
For All God's People


Vision Statement for Gladwin Heights United Church  2010-2015

Sacred Grove

           Knowing God cares for all creation, 
                    following  in the footsteps of Jesus, 
                    and in the  constant presence of the 
                    Spirit: we focus our ministry, worship, 
                    service and programs on caring for the 
                    Earth and all its  inhabitants.
           We understand there to be three avenues of 
                    caring within  this point of focus – care 
                    for the environment, care for  people,   
                    and care for justice.  Therefore  ….
           Striving to live with respect in creation, 
                   we will  focus on limiting our 
                   environmental footprint as a 
                   congregation and as individuals.     
                   Knowing the impact of environmental 
                   issues on the well-being of all God's 
                   creatures, we will advocate for the  
                   environment in the public forum.

            Seeking to love and serve others, 
                   we will  continue to address the 
                   practical needs of people, including 
                   those who are marginalized.  We  
                   choose to address these issues in 
                   circles expanding and moving from 
                   our community to the region and 
                   outward to the world. This work of our  
                   congregation will continue and extend  
                   throughout the 5 year time period of  
                   our vision.

             Endeavouring to seek justice and resist evil,           
                   we will educate ourselves as to  the 
                   causes of marginalization as 
                   experienced in poverty, racism, 
                   sexism, and other forms of oppression.              
                   In years 4 and 5 of our vision period, 
                   we will increase our focus through    
                   education and action to incorporate 
                   addressing systemic injustices.

Adopted June 20, 2010
















Vison Tree


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We use justice in the context of distributive (economic) justice, and restorative justice. Recognizing the limited resources of the earth, means equitable sharing of resources in a long-term sustainable manner for all of creation (human, animal, planet and the planet itself). See Micah 6:8; Amos 5:24; Matthew 25:35-36. Restorative justice implies that where conditions have diminished the means of existence, we will work to restore conditions to a balanced state so all may co-exist.