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Recently, I read about how one woman helps people during the heat. She said that before she put her cans & bottles (anything with a deposit on it) out for others to collect (& cash in) in her alley that she takes one bottle and fills it with water and freezes it. So when she puts out the bottles & cans, the collector would also have a cold bottle of water to drink throughout the day.   What a great, simple idea! It’s the little things that we can do for one another that help so much.  

CURRENT NEEDS (We are collecting items for Summer) -Hats -Sunglasses -Summer clothes & T-shirts -Sunscreen/after Sun Lotion -Bottled water As well the kitchen needs forks Please contact Heidi Morgan at or by calling 604-681-8365 ext 116. Many thanks!  

 DID YOU KNOW?! You can read about modular housing and how the city of Vancouver wants to create more. Though advocates argue that the 600 units mentioned in this article aren’t enough, they support it just the same:   Vancouver Wants More Modular Housing Built to Help Homeless

FIRST UNITED’S SUMMER NEWSLETTER If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, here is the link: First United's Summer Newsletter

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